Artist Profiles

Tommy’s World by Abigail Beck “Photography can elevate the quality of life.”  –Tommy Lundberg A cooling breeze floated down the alley in West Hollywood. The sun was beginning to set, forcing the oppressive Southern California heat into reluctant submission, but the red neon signs and black-and-white striped awning of Alfred Coffee {In The Alley} didn’t […]


Soul of an Artist by Kathryn Dean Above the fireplace hangs a black and white photo of four kids standing among the wildflowers. Wispy hair, innocent faces, and angelic eyes – unassuming but beautiful. The echoes of a howling winter still hang in the air, but here I find the promise of Spring and flowers […]

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The Meat Whisperer by Kathryn Dean A short ferry ride from the modern, frenetic city of Seattle recently took me to an island where more rustic ways of life hold sway. Here, the brightly colored paint and white trim of beach homes stand in stark contrast to the peeling earth tones of inland farmhouses. In […]