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Living on Contradictions An Interview by Andrew Collins Dillon Hodges was into bluegrass before bluegrass was cool. Hailing from a small town in northern Alabama, he had his musical coming age playing bluegrass with musicians four times his age and at the tender age of 17 accomplished his life goal of winning the 2007 National Flat […]


Infernal Enquiries An Interview by Heather M. Surls Having reviewed Tevis’s first book, The Wet Collection, two years ago, RedFence writer Heather M. Surls sat down (via Skype) with the author to talk about the artistic process and, of course, her second book of lyric essays, The World Is on Fire (Milkweed Editions, 2015). RedFence: Something that struck me in The […]


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Q&A: Josh Garrels

by Andrew Collins on August 21, 2015

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Finding a Way Home by Andrew Collins Josh Garrels’ music is marked by his deep and total immersion in the entire creative process–from the inception of the first melodies to production, performance and even distribution. All of the Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter’s seven albums are self-produced. His music dips into genres as diverse as hip-hop, electronic, […]


Thawing to the Music by Andrew Collins Spring, like any season, ought to have a great soundtrack, and we think New York indie pop outfit Panama Wedding brings just the right crisp, feel-good vibes to brush off the winter doldrums and set the tone for a fresh palate of springtime adventures. The band has only […]


Unchained Horror by James Roland Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead met as interns at Ridley Scott’s commercial production company. Soon they were working together on a variety of short films and spec advertisements, and when Justin approached Aaron with a genre-bending horror script called Resolution, they decided to pool their talents and resources to get […]

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Interview: Eliza Rickman

by Sarah Carman on March 23, 2011

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Gilded Lilies and Cinnamon Bones by Sarah Carman RedFence Writer Sarah Carman sat down with Eliza Rickman, our new favorite singer-songwriter. The two discussed everything from toy pianos to singing backwards, wine-bottle percussion, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Backstory: “My parents were kind of like, ‘Where did she get this? We are not musical; what is going on?’” […]


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Interview: Nick Jaina

by Sarah Carman on April 11, 2010

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Nick Jaina’s music filtered through our speakers almost purely by chance: someone added an unmarked copy of his album Wool to their iTunes, then forgot about it for six months. Then one night it popped up on random. It was a hit, quickly spreading through the RedFence ranks. When we found out his newest album, […]

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We gave him a 20 page outline and then he went off to develop it and prepare the action based on that outline. And as soon as the strike ended we had three months between the day it ended and the principal day of photography, so we had to literally write pages and hand them over every day. Our first draft.


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Interview: Matt & Kim

by Rebecca S. Rea on April 21, 2009

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How Grand by Rebecca S. Rea When a musical duo forms in the lofts and parks of Brooklyn, playing to audiences of friends and family, it has to accept a few bumps (amplifiers precariously balanced on sofas) and not-so-ideal situations (recording an album in an unheated Vermont farmhouse) along the way. So, Matt Johnson and […]

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Interview: Rizza Cabrera

by James Roland on April 21, 2009

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Meeting Cabreezzah by James Roland Singer-songwriter Rizza Cabrera, 16, hails from Cebu, Philippines. Her original songs, featured in a series of YouTube videos, caught the attention of RedFence and prompted an Artist Spotlight about her work. I interviewed Rizza by email in February 2009. RedFence: What was your first musical instrument and when/how did you […]