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About Us

RedFence is an independent, web-driven magazine focused on Art, Culture, and Adventure, with special interest in new and emerging artists. enjoys a solid reader base in the United States and abroad, with blogs, quarterly digital issues, and occasional print collections.

Mission: To connect and encourage creators in all mediums, and to entertain lovers of great art, creative culture and endless adventure.

This magazine is the natural artistic outpouring of a Los Angeles-based community of artists, adventurers and thinkers. They have pooled their considerable talents and modest resources to create RedFence Magazine. Here you will find original works from some of the freshest voices in the creative world. Any medium, from paint to poetry, and film stock to the written word, may find a home among us. You will also discover critiques and reviews of the best creative works our roving minds can unearth, as well as a glimpse into our thriving culture of creativity.

At RedFence, we recognize that the internet is the storytelling medium of the future. Print will live, for it has its strengths, but the web offers more. The internet allows us to bring our creations directly to you, the audience, and to interact with you in a uniquely personal way. This is not the online version of RedFence Magazine. Rather, the printed magazine is a collectible hardcopy edition of the live content you find here.

In essence, RedFence offers a real-time window into the minds of the men and women who may soon define all fields of storytelling.

Individually, and together, we are challenging the limitations we see in our mediums and those we find in ourselves.

We are stretching the borders, pushing the limits and taking hold of the sacred moments of our lives.

We are not content.

We are not complacent.

We will not be stifled, limited or held back.

We claim the words of 19th-century minstrel Arthur O’Shaughnessy as our own.

We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

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